Gina has been a true blessing in my life. She is very open and honest about her life experiences and I instantly felt connected to her through those. Gina is loving and kind and will give it to you straight. You can sense her deep love for the Lord every time she speaks. She has taught me many lessons over the short time I have known her, and I am truly blessed to call her my friend and sister in Christ.  





Gina is the most down to earth, real woman I know. I can go to her with my prayer requests, struggles and victories and have full comfort in knowing my words stay with her and go straight to her war room for prayer. I’ve never met someone I trust so much not only with my struggles, but I know she will continually hold me accountable with the word of God.




The first time I heard Gina’s testimony, I knew she had a story to share with hurting women. I feel God wants to use this mighty woman for his kingdom. Gina let’s God’s light shine through her Christian walk and helps women around her become better women of God. I have been so lucky to attend Gina’s Bible Studies & her wonderful retreat this fall and have grown because of her teachings. Love this Christian lady & can’t wait to see where he will take her in her future.



Gina Sullivan is an amazing woman with a heart from the Lord. The thing I love most about Gina is that she is so biblical and isn’t afraid to share how she really feels. Life can be hard, and she knows that. And she wants other women to know that. She wants us to bring this to the surface and then take the Bible and learn how to lean on the Lord through these hardships. She has been a mentor and friend to me for years. You definitely want her at events. She is a God-fearing woman and her voice should be heard to encourage others. I love her passion and heart for the Lord and sharing the gospel.